REVIEW: People Love Dead Jews, Dara Horn

Horn has finally put into words why the glut of books like “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” make me feel so icky.

REVIEW: Out of Office, Anne Helen Petersen & Charlie Warzel

REVIEW So, working from home, huh? Love it or hate it, it’s part of our lives now. Maybe you have a great at-home office setup, or maybe you’re still at the kitchen table. But it’s obvious that COVID-19 is changing the way we work, potentially forever. Anne Helen Petersen, author of the excellent pop-academic workContinue reading “REVIEW: Out of Office, Anne Helen Petersen & Charlie Warzel”

HAPPY PUB DAY! The Annual Migration of Clouds, Premee Mohamed

This is a stunning new cli-fi novella exploring the aftereffects of climate change and mother-daughter relationships.

REVIEW: Already Toast: Caregiving and Burnout in America, Kate Washington

“Long Covid” may mean we’ll have a far larger population in need of long-term care–and who’s going to do it?