Hi there! I’m Deirdre.

I’m a New Jersey native who relocated to London in 2018. A lifelong reader, I’ve always found structure and comfort in picking up a good book–and spending lots of time on trains, planes, and busses, I always find time to get a few more pages in.

I wanted to start this blog as a record of the books I’ve read and a way to share the good ones with others. Mostly I wanted to break up with Goodreads for… a variety of reasons. Enter this blog!

Like most of the world, I’ve been stuck inside recently due to coronavirus, and reading has remained one of my favourite hobbies in this very, very weird time.

I read a good range of stuff–literary fiction, nonfiction of all stripes, popular and not-so-popular. This blog will have my honest (but kind) opinions on the books I read. I’m always looking for new recommendations, so feel free to pop a comment on my posts or send me a message.

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