Indie Author Feature: Lucia Omonobi

I’m starting a new project here on Deirdre Reads – indie author features!

Pizza Girl by Jean Kyong Frazier (NetGalley Review)

Over the years I’ve known quite a few former pizzeria employees, and whether it was a local family-owned shop or a huge chain, they all say the same thing: I can never eat pizza again.

No Fixed Abode: Life and Death Among the UK’s Forgotten Homeless by Maeve McClenaghan (NetGalley Review)

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of home–and especially a safe one.

alternative (and ethical) ways to buy books

If you’re a book person, you probably have been in a bookstore before, seen a book that looked interesting, and then, while still in the store, bought it on your phone on The Very Large Ethically Dubious Webiste That Shall Not Be Named because it was cheaper there. Guilty as charged. Despite all the problemsContinue reading “alternative (and ethical) ways to buy books”

Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town by Barbara Demick

3/5 Stars Barbara Demick has made a bit of a career writing about tense regions of the world–she has been a correspondent in Eastern Europe, China, and South Korea. Her most successful book so far has been Nothing to Envy, a nonfiction account of life in the port town of Chongjin, North Korea. This wasContinue reading “Eat the Buddha: Life and Death in a Tibetan Town by Barbara Demick”

The Exhibition of Persephone Q by Jessi Jezewska Stevens

Jessi Jezewska Stevens, are you living in my brain?

My Past is A Foreign Country by Zeba Talkhani

2/5 stars Zeba Talkhani knew she was different from a young age. Growing up in a Muslim family in India and Saudi Arabia, she struggled in the patriarchal expectations of her culture and the rigid standards for women. In My Past is a Foreign Country, she recounts her life of slowing removing herself from theseContinue reading “My Past is A Foreign Country by Zeba Talkhani”

The Central Park Five by Sarah Burns

4.5/5 stars Growing up in the New Jersey suburbs, I have really no memories of the era in which New York City wasn’t seen as a desirable place to be. My parents often told me that ‘going into the city’ was not a common weekend activity when they were young, not in the era ofContinue reading “The Central Park Five by Sarah Burns”