Indie Author Feature: Lucia Omonobi

I’m starting a new project here on Deirdre Reads – indie author features! There’s so many amazing authors based all over the world who choose indepedent routes to publishing their work instead of the traditional way–and I want to celebrate them here on my blog and on Instagram. Every so often I’ll be posting an interview with an indie author along with links where you can purchase their work.

Today I’ll be featuring the lovely Lucia Omonobi (authorlucia_o), who is Nigerian and based in Canada. Her historical fantasy romances Winds of Fate and Hands of Fate are available on Kindle and Kobo Books.

DR: When did you first start writing & why?

LO: I started writing at age thirteen. Thinking about it now, I believe I’ve always been a writer at heart, because I had a very wild imagination and loved making up and telling stories. At thirteen, if I watched a movie and did not feel satisfied with the ending, I’d write a story about it, giving it my own ending, LOL!

At 15, I wrote my first real novel with an original plot and gave it to all my high school friends to read. It was at that point my writing started drawing the attention of friends and family. I continued writing novels using pen and paper, and at 18, when my dad bought me a laptop, I started typing them. At this point, I’d left high school and didn’t have an audience, but I kept writing anyway because it’s my passion. I never thought I’d feel confident enough to publish a book but then I found out about Kindle Direct Publishing and thought it was a sign haha!

DR: What are you inspired by?

LO: I think my idea of the perfect kind of love is my major inspiration. I’ve always been a lover of romance and I like creating characters who go through some challenges but always find their happily-ever-afters. I find immense happiness in this. Also, I recently became a huge fan of historical romance, so I got inspired from some events and decided to make my debut series, The Fated Hearts series, a blend of historical romance and fantasy.

DR: How did you get published?

LO: As I mentioned earlier, my books were published through Kindle Direct Publishing and are also on Kobo Books. I believe one of the reasons I never thought I’d publish a book is because I heard about how difficult traditional publishing can be and how numerous authors have spent decades trying to get their work published. However, when I found out about independent publishing, I had no more excuses for keeping my books hidden 🙂

DR: Any advice for aspiring writers looking to get started?

LO: My advice is “Just do it”!

DR: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

LO: I love reading a lot. If I’m not writing, I’m reading. Otherwise, I’m watching movies or listening to music.

DR: What’s next for you?

LO: In truth, I’m not really chasing a career as an author–although I would be very content if my books sold so well I could make a comfortable living off them! I currently work as a freelance writer and aside from writing more books, that is where my focus is at the moment.

Thanks for the interview, Lucia! Check out Winds of Fate, the first book in the Fated Hearts series, below and give her a follow on Instagram!

Life dealt her a hard blow, but his back was a shield…
After being duped by her intended, kicked out of her home, and left on the streets of Black Valley, young seamstress, Leah Karin signs her life over to her country, Aghi, to relocate to and populate its growing colony, Luctown. Too late Leah realizes the scheme is filled with lies and injustice. Beaten, bruised and without hope, Leah is prepared to die… but fate has other plans.

All he wanted was freedom. So willingly, Andrew Code trades slavery for exile to the new town. As his team uncovers the lies and deceit of the new town, Andrew remains determined to carve out a life worth living for himself.

In an untamed forest filled with ex-convicts, starving residents, schemers, and murderers, will love and hope conquer all?


WINDS OF FATE on Kobo Books

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