Indie Author Feature: Andrea Nourse

Today I’m featuring author Andrea Nourse, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her new music-centric romance AFTER EVERYTHING is out 10 October!

DR: When did you first start writing & why?

AN: I’ve always been drawn to the power of words. My first dabble in writing was through poetry and songwriting. I moved to Nashville to pursue songwriting in 2004, and instead fell in love with writing novels.

DR: What are you inspired by?

AN: Life! I find inspiration for my writing everywhere—through music, books, movies, my kids and their crazy antics, and even work.

DR: How did you get published?

AN: I first self-published in 2014.

DR: Any advice for aspiring writers looking to get started?

AN: Read! Read a variety of genres and study both the craft and the emotions evoked as a reader. Don’t let fear stop you. Fear is a liar. When all else fails, just write without purpose and see what comes out. Sometimes, those are my best writing moments.

DR: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

AN: When I’m not writing, I am usually reading … or doing my nails.

DR: What’s next for you?

AN: I’m planning two releases for 2021, so I’ll be working on editing those while I research and plan ideas for 2022.

All Abby Rhodes wants is a chance to pursue her songwriting dreams. When she leaves her husband on Christmas Eve and puts their Missouri hometown in her rearview mirror, she heads straight to Nashville and onto the doorstep of her estranged father.

But in typical Abby fashion, nothing goes as planned.

Unemployed and alone, Abby lands a job waiting tables at her neighborhood dive bar. There she meets a local singer-songwriter with steel-grey eyes and a reputation that threatens to unlock Abby’s small-town innocence.

Just as Nashville starts to feel like home, her past comes crashing back in the form of her soon-to-be ex-husband, forcing her to confront the truth behind her midnight escape.

If Abby can’t reconcile her history with her future, she might lose out on her dreams and her second chance at finding love.


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