bookstagram photo tips: e-readers

I often get asked how I take pictures of my e-reader for Bookstagram–it’s really hard to take a photo without the glare. So how do I get photos like this?

Well… I cheat!

Maybe that’s not quite the right word, but through the magic of photo editing you can get some great pics to use for your feed without having to fight with your screen angles. And you definitely do not need to be a Photoshop pro, believe you me. This technique uses Pixlr, a very easy to use, web-based, FREE photo editor.

Start on Pixlr’s homepage and upload a photo of your e-reader. The screen doesn’t need to be on, but I prefer to have a picture where it’s on so I can more clearly see where to line up the new cover. Also make sure you have a downloaded image of the book cover you want to use–Google Images is your friend here.

Under “Layer” at the top of the screen, select “Add Image as Layer”. Then upload the cover picture of your choice.

So now you have your “Layer”. Select it (you’ll know you have when the blue squares are at each corner), and under “Edit”, select “Free Distort”.

Now the blue squares turn into circles and you can manipulate the image however you want by clicking and dragging the corners. Drag then into the corners of your e-reader screen to create a new image!

And done! Make sure you hit “yes” to “apply the distort” when prompted.

If you want to tweak it, just select your layer and hit “unlock” at the top of the screen and repeat the process. You can then edit the image to your heart’s content, or download it to use with another editor (personally I use Canva).

And voila! Now you have a nice glare-free e-reader pic for your feed.

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