Time for another author feature on DEIRDRE READS! Today it’s South-Africa-based Lisa Bell, who has just released her urban fantasy The Centurion Duet, including Travellers and Seekers, are now available on Amazon!

DR: When did you first start writing & why?

LB: I started writing as a teenager, as a way of escapism.

DR: What are you inspired by?

LB: I love strong female leads and twists in the tale!

DR: How did you get published?
LB: First I was self-published, then I went via Partridge Africa, and now I’m back to self-published.

DR: Any advice for aspiring writers looking to get started?

LB: Just believe in your work and your dream!

DR: What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?
LB: Art, creativeness, and family.

DR: What’s next for you?
LB: My third novel is finished – now it’s time to get myself sorted to get it out there!

What would you do if you found out that you had been lied to from birth? That you had been brought up with protection in mind? That you are capable of amazing magical things … but that your parents had ensured they you never found out?

Rebecca finds this out from a complete stranger. Mysterious Ben literally sweeps her away into a world of magic, danger, and downright craziness.

She is thrown into a whirlwind dystopia where she needs to hone her newly-found powers with no time to spare and discovers that she has more to offer than she thought.

Together they embark on an action-packed race to save themselves and their kind.

Travellers is Book 1 in the Centurion Duet.

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