BOOK REVIEW: Black is the Body by Emily Bernard

Collections of essays can be hit-or-miss for me, but Black is the Body really blew me away–it’s a powerful collection meditating on Black identity and contemporary America.

BOOK REVIEW: The Happiest Girl in the World by Alena Dillon

Like most young American girls, I loved the splendour and ceremony of the Olympics on TV, but no event captured my awe quite like gymnastics.

NETGALLEY BOOK REVIEW: The Girls Are All So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

My first ‘big’ college reunion will be coming up next year, and it has me thinking about how much I have, or haven’t, changed in the five years since graduation.

NETGALLEY BOOK REVIEW: Snowflake by Louise Nealon

In the end, Snowflake is an interesting book, but one that sadly might feed into the millennial stereotype that we take ourselves way too seriously.

BOOK REVIEW: MBS by Ben Hubbard

Saudi Arabia would rather you pay attention to their flashier features right now–the Grand Prix, the WWE matches, the massive shopping malls brimming with designer stores. The plans for a solar-powered city. The star-studded conferences dubbed ‘Davos in the Desert’.

BOOK REVIEW: The Truth About Modern Slavery by Emily Kenway

Modern slavery is discussed almost constantly in the UK; I had certainly heard the term before I moved here, but it seemed to guide more of political life than I realised.

BOOK REVIEW/WOC MARCH: The Book of Rosy by Rosarya Pablo Cruz and Julie Schwietert Collazo

I feel a bit harsh giving a memoir this low a rating–how can you give someone’s life a star rating out of 5?