NETGALLEY BOOK REVIEW: Snowflake by Louise Nealon

In the end, Snowflake is an interesting book, but one that sadly might feed into the millennial stereotype that we take ourselves way too seriously.

Wall Disease: The Psychological Toll of Living Up Against a Border by Jessica Wapner (NetGalley Review)

After the post-WWII partition of Germany, doctors began to identity what was dubbed mauerkrankeit, or “wall disease”–physical and mental illnesses observed in patients who lived along the Berlin Wall.

Past Mistakes: How We Misinterpret History and Why It Matters by David Mountain (NetGalley Review)

If you’re ever looking to dive into a day-long Wikihole (heaven knows we’ve all been that bored this year), I highly recommend List of Common Misconceptions.

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam (NetGalley Review)

The “vacation gone wrong” trope is a familiar one, but as Rumaan Alam’s Leave the World Behind proves, when it’s done well, it can really shine.

HAPPY PUB DAY! Crossed Lines by Marie Darrieussecq (NetGalley Review)

After a not-so-positive exeperience with my first NetGalley book, I was a little hesitant about my next one. But then it turned out to be this absolute beauty of a novel, and my faith is restored.

HAPPY PUB DAY! No Fixed Abode: Life and Death Among the UK’s Forgotten Homeless by Maeve McClenaghan

It’s publication day for No Fixed Abode: Life and Death Among the UK’s Forgotten Homeless by Maeve McClenaghan–one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read this year. Revisit my review below and check Maeve out on Twitter!